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Construction Sector Specialist

With over 25 years experience in the construction sector holding 

senior management positions with award-winning national construction firms, Phil is fully aware of the challenges these leaders face. As a Regional Managing Director he held P&L responsibility to establish and grow new business units up to £40m turnover with accountability for developing collaborative teams.


Phil relates to the mindset that senior leaders in these pressured, complex and constantly evolving environments have.  Having ‘sat in the seat’ he knows that time spent on strategic thinking, leadership development and team effectiveness is often limited. He also knows that the return on investment is well worth the time commitment and always has a positive impact on the bottom line.

“The most effective construction teams benefit from an effective leader who can co-ordinate their collective efforts and provide a strong sense of direction”

- Collaborative Construction 2 : 'Now or Never?'

Challenges you may be facing...

Lack of Direction - no clear business strategy in place setting out the vision, values and key objectives of the business; no clarity of priorities for team to focus efforts on.

Dysfunctional Culture - an inconsistant approach across the business perhaps as a result of a dilution of the culture either following a period of significant growth or as a result of a merger or acquisition.

Ineffective Leadership - either a team or an individual, not being effective in the business or getting the best outcomes from the resources available. May be as a consequence of a newly formed team, an individual new to the role or over-promoted.

Poor Financial Performance - lack of necessary commercial controls or monitoring protocols; no budgets or forecasts in place to understand performance and aid effective decision making; deficient risk awareness and management leading to commercial 'own goals' on projects.

High Staff Turnover - lack of communication of business direction and objectives; limited visibility of senior leaders; no career or personal development mechanisms or support.

Silo Working - Individuals, Departments or Project Teams working in their own self interest and not collaboratively for the benefit of the wider business or project. Lack of cohesion and common objectives.

These challenges can be inter-related and all will have an impact on the performance and financial outcome of a business or construction project.

'Teams can benefit from the use of an independent person to manage and to coach them through the challenging issues which they will inevitably face.' - Collaborative Construction 2 : 'Now or Never?'

Example of solutions delivered...

  • Creating a business vision with supporting strategic plan.

  • Market appraisal and business growth plan.

  • Identifying business development targets and opportunities

  • Producing budgets and P&L forecasts.

  • Establishing commercial controls and processes for projects and business.

  • Introducing performance measures (KPI's) and regular monitoring.

  • Contract advice and negotiations.

  • Instigating risk management processes and controls.

  • Team collaboration workshops.

  • Framework bid support.

  • 1:1 executive coaching to support leadership development.

  • Production of 4-year business plan.

  • Team behavioural profiling and diagnostic.

  • Leadership skills training

...and what our clients say about us.

"Having Phil come in to support our business has proved invaluable. Profits are up and I feel much happier knowing that we have a clear strategy and objectives to aim at, the investment was well worth it."

Matt Woodhart, Owner, Woodhart Group

"Phil has helped us focus on the key areas of our business which require development…develop our business plan for the next few years, enabling us to focus our resources on an effective business strategy going forward.


We have also adopted a leadership development program to enable us to get the most from ourselves and our team, which Phil has taken a key role in.


Working with Innervate has been a rewarding and motivating experience."


Sam Audsley, Director, Thornton Consulting

'Leadership development must support businesses to reframe their purpose, strategy and approach to value creation to achieve change at the pace and scale required.'

- Rewiring leadership, CISL

Our services...

We listen to your needs in your organisational context. From this initial briefing, we propose the most appropriate solutions based on your timescale and budget. This could be any of the following or a mixture to directly address your business needs: 

  • Strategic Facilitation

  • Executive Coaching

  • Leadership Development

  • Team Effectiveness

  • Business Mentoring

  • Consultancy

'Team coaching will help to overcome many inherent dysfunctions'

- Collaborative Construction 2 - Now or Never?

Complimentary Discovery Session

Innervate offers prospective clients a complimentary Discovery Session to identify and understand your current challenges and immediate needs and to explore what services will benefit you and your organisation.


We will discuss the areas that you want to improve and capture the outcomes you want to achieve in your business or project. 

Get in touch below to arrange your complimentary Discovery Session

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