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Executive Coaching

We help CEO's, Executives, Leaders and Business Owners raise their self-awareness, increase confidence, solve problems, make important decisions and overcome obstacles to be more effective in their role and achieve greater success in their businesses.

Through 1:1 coaching sessions we create a space for you to have quality time to step back, reflect and become more aware of your thoughts, feelings and behaviours. We focus on your goals, your needs, what you want to improve or any issue that may be useful to talk about.


When you work with us you will explore what resources, tools and strategies you need and how to apply them to discover new ways to grow your business, increase sales, initiate change, manage others and become a more effective leader.


Working with an executive coach helps you to accomplish more than if you were on your own. When you have a coach you have a sounding board, someone that mobilises you to take more actions and think bigger because you are accountable to someone other than yourself.


We deliver Executive Coaching Programmes that focus on your needs through 1:1 coaching sessions including Profiling and 360 Feedback where beneficial.

Benefits include:

  • Gain clarity in your purpose.

  • Develop the tools and strategies to achieve your goals.

  • Increase confidence and decrease stress.

  • Increase leadership effectiveness and influence.

  • Enhance work environment, performance and results.

  • Improve time management effectiveness.

  • Better balance between work and personal life.

  • Gain control over what you want to achieve.

"Having Phil come in to support our business has proved invaluable. His coaching style and easy-going but provocative approach really works and he has bought clarity and direction to our business."

Matt Woodhart, Owner, Woodhart Group

Team Coaching

We can provide coaching for a group of individuals to ensure their collective development into a high performing team. Our approach to team coaching is about empowering the team to manage its own dialogue, in order to enhance its capability and performance.

We work with teams to help them build effective relationships and understand the dynamics within the team. It is a coaching intervention, which improves team performance and we help identify where the team is, where it wants to go and develop strategies to enhance the dynamic and development.

We encourage a focus on interpersonal skills and interactions, working out how team members relate to one another. We all have different and preferred styles of working and communicating, and when we encounter a person with a style that's different from our own, we can often get frustrated with that person, and fail to recognise their unique strengths. The way people act with their colleagues, and the way they communicate with one another, these are important drivers of effective team performance.  The aim of our team coaching work is to enable the team to hold better quality conversations, come up with good ideas, higher-level decision-making and more focused direction.

We show teams how to reduce conflict, communicate more effectively and improve their working relationships. The team then focuses on its real work, to achieve its business objectives.

We design and deliver Team Development Programmes to meet your development needs which can include a combination of Group Coaching sessions, Facilitated Workshops, Profiling and 360 Feedback, 1:1 Coaching sessions and Skills Training.

Benefits include:

  • Increased focus on business objectives and enhanced performance.

  • Can resolve conflict and promote collaboration.

  • Improves efficiency of processes and systems.

  • Improves communication and knowledge sharing.

  • Improves the leader’s to develop and retain people.

"Unity is strength. . . when there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved." - Mattie Stepanek

Business Mentoring

We offer mentoring support for leaders and managers, providing guidance and advice to develop the skills and knowledge within your business to help you get to where you want to go.

We will form a supportive, learning relationship with key team members to share our knowledge, 

experience and insights to meet the needs of your business. Our mentoring includes one to one engagement, participation in business meetings and email or telephone support.

We provide Business Mentoring Programmes designed to support you achieve success through a combination of Strategic Reviews, Performance Reviews, Team Progress Meetings, 1:1 Executive Coaching and Remote Support.

Benefits include:

  • Committed time invested in the success of your business.

  • Clarity and focus on startegic objectives.

  • Established action plans and KPI's to support objectives.

  • Regular monitoring of performance and agreed actions.

  • Development of leadership team.

  • Maintains momentum towards achieving business vision.

"Phil has helped us focus on the key areas of our business which require development…develop our business plan for the next few years, enabling us to focus our resources on an effective business strategy going forward.


Working with Innervate has been a rewarding and motivating experience."


Sam Audsley, Director, Thornton Consulting


We facilitate team, project or business workshops to establish and focus on common objectives and agree plans how to achieve them. Beneficial for problem solving, strategic reviews, capturing new ideas and a way forward.

We create an engaging environment where every participant has the opportunity to collaborate, innovate and excel resulting in high quality decisions and inclusive solutions. This enables the team to reach sustainable agreements to accomplish their goals.

Benefits include:

  • Group members are more motivated to support the decisions made because of their investment in the process.

  • Increased participation within the group increases productivity.

  • Draws on people resource and talent, which contributes to overall organisational success.

  • Everyone involved has a chance to contribute and feels they are an integral part of the team.

  • Innovation and problem-solving skills are built.

  • People are encouraged to think and act for the overall benefit of the group.

"Absolutely brilliant facilitators, full of personality and good knowledge. A motivational day." - Participant, Rail Delivery Group

Leadership Training

We design and deliver bespoke training for individuals and groups across a range of leadership and business subjects to allow your people to gain the skills and confidence that improves performance and cultivates business success. 

We make our training sessions interactive to ensure we provide a learning experience that is impactful for the participants so they can utilise the knowledge and skills effectively in your business. 

"Leadership defines what the future should look like, aligns people with that vision, and inspires them to make it happen despite the obstacles." 

- John P. Kotter


We can provide leadership experience and management expertise to your business to design and implement one-off projects, develop solutions for specific areas of concern or assist in establishing new areas of your business to support growth plans. 

"Profits are up and I feel much happier knowing that we have a clear strategy and objectives to aim at, the investment was well worth it."

Matt Woodhart, Owner, Woodhart Group

Personal Coaching

Phil Sims is an ICF accredited coach who can work with you on a 1:1 basis to support your personal development needs and objectives.

To learn more about the benefits of coaching follow the link below.

"If you are looking for a coach who will help you create powerful change, then I cannot recommend Phil highly enough."

- Lucy Hare, Coach Trainer, Barefoot Coaching

Complimentary Discovery Session

Innervate offers prospective clients a complimentary Discovery Session to understand your challenges and immediate needs and to explore what services will benefit you and your organisation. We will discuss the areas that you want to improve and identify what outcomes you want to achieve. 

Get in touch below to arrange your complimentary Introductory Session

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