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Banking on Success!

Monzo are striving to build the bank of the future and they are well on their way to realising this vision. It has been great working with such a dynamic and forward thinking organisation that places high value on both its customers and people.

Monzo is a bank that lives on your smartphone and they are determined to make the banking experience better by focusing on solving customer problems, treating people fairly and being totally transparent.

I have been working the marketing team, providing them with coaching support and facilitating Insights Discovery workshops to help them maximise their leadership and team effectiveness in a fast moving and rapidly growing business.

By using Insights Discovery profiles to raise awareness of each individuals behaviour preferences and strengths, I have helped the team create strategies to communicate and work together more effectively, particularly when under pressure, to improve their performance as a team and their overall contribution to Monzo's ongoing success.

To learn more about the 'bank of the future' visit

Please get in touch to understand how I can help you enhance the leadership capability and team effectiveness in your organisation.

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